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I compose this since I don't need any other person to fall into this extortion, I am one of the numerous people defrauded by these pseudo "graduates". Account Solution, Real Finance Solution or Society in Economic Wellbeing SA de CV is one of the numerous names of this "organization", they represent considerable authority in cheating people offering marvel advances, lamentably I fell and with a whole of more than $ 60,000 pesos.

Everything began when I found your page and I was intrigued in light of the fact that I had a critical charge, I was reached by a specific Orlando Arcineaga, extremely kind and mindful he gave me data and he sent me the data they asked for to begin the procedure, something that It was uncommon on the grounds that the organization did not have an email with area of the organization, it was a xxxxxx account. Anyway, I sent them the documents and OK, following two days he converses with me and reveals to me that my credit has been affirmed, notwithstanding for a bigger sum, he starts to disclose to me that for this I need to ask for with an insurance agency a safeguard as security or gave me the alternative to pay specifically to them to encourage the procedure and that following a half year that sum would be returned as long as I was dependable with my installments, which I concurred.

Done the store they reveal to you that the cash will be in your account in 5 days and that they will reach me for the confirmation of my information, they went through those 5 days and one such "Alejandro" reached me requesting 4 propelled a long time to check my dissolvability monetary, to which I concurred again by the franticness I felt. Made the store I spoke with him. He lets me know again a similar thing, that in 5 days they were going to get in touch with me for the arrival of my credit.

This is when "Valeria, liberador de créditos" comes in, they give me a number that they never answer, so you make 100 calls per day, they answer and leave the telephone down, tuning in to all that they state and how these people giggle. Valeria speaks with me disclosing to me that they would not like to approve my advance yet that she "had done everything conceivable to be acknowledged" when Orlando had effectively given me the confirmation that she was at that point affirmed, saying that she continues to ask for an "assessment against illegal tax avoidance". cash "he gave me the sum and, as usual, my depression had me blinded and I made the store. The days passed and they didn't get in touch with me, they called the number 55 7677 6221 50 times each day and never replied,

My password comes to me and they pass me with another individual that as far as anyone knows has a place with the legitimate office, "Marlene Berra" with numbers 55 3819 7493 versatile and landline 55 7675 2130, again I ask for cash since the financial foundation that will give me the credit is requesting and on the off chance that I store it before mid-evening the discharge is done right now, this happened multiple times and hence brought me without giving me an answer, as of recently I had just saved around 50 thousand pesos. Nobody reached me and for this the alleged guides had officially blocked me, I imparted to every one of the telephones they had and all impolite to me to reveal to you that they couldn't do anything, the telephone they give on the page is from the "systems division" which the person who addressed me disclosed to me dumb and a string of different things.
Finally they give me my fifth discharge date, the day arrives and nothing, Marlene speaks with me to disclose to me that my agreement had officially lapsed in light of the fact that I had not been pending my methodology, however how to know about my strategy when no one answers me. telephone, I inquired. He said he needed to pay the reactivation, I did it. Again they give me discharge date, the day arrives again and gracious amazement I get that "there isn't the asset that I asked for to discharge my credit", I wound up battling with her and again she gives me another date . The day of my new discharge comes and nothing, Marlene I get that as I am a clashing customer for every one of the calls I made, I need to pay a fine so I can proceed with my discharge.

I paid this fine and they give me another discharge date, days before I called to check that everything was fine and what do you accept? Again they were fining me for calling them however at this point just deferring my alleged freedom, 2 months passed and my freedom day arrives once more.

Presently I need to give them $ 6,990.00 pesos more, and I didn't approach them for that. I'm not going to relinquish another weight, they exploited my urgency to the extent they could. 7 debilitating months, 7 months of depression, of anguish.

Sadly I fell marking a withdrawal where you won't take any retaliation, yet did not proceed with my discharge.

I realize I won't recover my cash, I simply don't need them to keep on exploiting people, to continue chuckling at one's needs and to profit from this sort of thing.

Sorry for the post so long however I think nobody had distributed something about how they work to this point, I trust they serve and don't give any cash before receiving it.

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