Tuesday, February 5, 2019

CEMENT TILE(continue)

Unmolded, the tile is then set in the open in canisters for drying. (βιομηχανικο δαπεδο)

Afterward, it is drenched for 2 or 3 hours in water to hydrate the mortar and will at last be dried for at least 3 months.

It is just through a concoction response of hydration that the cement progresses toward becoming as hard as shake which makes it conceivable to make tiles for the grounds.

Poured cement tile style

Form of a cement tile

The contrasts among today and previously:

At the time, the cement tile was cleaned in the wake of being whitewashed. The total solidifying was all the while taking fourteen days or months.

These days, this progression is never again vital on the grounds that the posture is made in an unexpected way. That is the reason we encourage to play out a mouth-filling treatment until immersion. It will permit to seal the pores of the tile and shield it from fluids and oil, following the establishment.

Speedy tip: Systematically deny waterproofing and oil repellent medicines that have a most extreme existence of 6 to 10 months!

What's more, exactly, how to keep up the cement tiles?

Cement tile floors are anything but difficult to keep up! Only a basin of heated water, two teaspoons of delicate dark cleanser, a wipe and voila!

For obstinate stains, it's sufficient with a little dark cleanser to rub with the "gratounette" side of a wipe! What's more, in the event that it is extremely intense add heating soft drink to the cleanser and scour even more. You simply need to wash. https://tsimentokonia.net/monoseis-taratson/

Remember that destructive items ought to never be utilized on this kind of soil, as there is a high danger of crumbling!

Container and wipe

Ensure our legacy ...

While the cement tile was overlooked and disdained in the West, being secured with cover or some other material, it has figured out how to make itself a critical place in the creating nations.

How about we not forget that legacy protection officers gave him no more eyes: the verification is that cement tile floors have frequently been expelled from chapels!

Be that as it may, on account of the various redesign programs, the cement tile allows itself another opportunity! Its bona fide side, joined with the numerous conceivable outcomes of decorations, discover because of the fanatics of retro climate!

Try not to release this legacy out of form, it is as yet our legacy, similarly as the veneers of our structures: figure out how to discover and ensure!

To put it plainly, don't falter! Old and new cement tiles are for you!

Cement Tile Uni Patterned Cement Tile Patterned Cement Tile Patterned

What's more, you, will be you rather professional or against cement tile?

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